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Here you will read about how we conquered some tough times. Laugh with us at stories from our triplets. Triplets !!!!!!!!! Yes, we are still alive and kicking. Getting old with them and how we had to adapt to their ways and means. All in a good way. Yipes, I forgot about our first born. Bianca is our "tomboy". Loves nature and everything exciting.


It was a Sunday in January 1985, the sky was clear and the weather wasn't too hot. I was on my way to the Video Store to hire some videos for us to watch. Being a Fireman at Johannesburg Fire Department we use to get videos to watch for Sunday afternoon entertainment. Television at that time here in South Africa were quite boring. So, the next best thing was videos.

My room mate had a girlfriend who was studying to become a Nurse. As luck would have it she didn't have transport to come and visit him. Rachel her room mate had a car. She asked if Rachel could give her a lift to the Fire Station. Yep, but we need to get back early because we have to study for a test tomorrow. Agreed, they arrived minutes later at the Fire Station.

On my arrival back at the Station I found this gorgeous girl in a lilac dress lying half sitting on my bed. I asked her who gave her permission to sit on my bed. She just looked at me. We had an old TV in our bedroom so we watched videos and talked. Eventually Rachel dragged her friend out of there. Just choking. I took a chance to ask her if she would come and visit me later on that night. I really liked her a lot. My roomy said to me that it appears to be "Love at First Sight". I told him that she is nice, but she won't come back tonight for a visit. I was in for a big surprise, without me even knowing/imagining it.

It was my roomies turn to sit in the Watchroom. This is like a Controlroom, more like a Satelite Controlroom. A smaller version. He buzzed the room on the intercom system and told me that there is someone for me downstairs. After getting myself dressed I went downstairs.

My jaw must have dropped down to the ground. There she was, still looking as radiant as when I saw her earlier that day. I must admit I nearly took her in my arms and smothered her with everything I had. My heart was raising, I was sweating. All the other girls that I asked to come and visit me never even phoned me at the Fire Station. Man, I was really falling head over heels in love with this girl.

I asked her if she would like to go up to my room and then we can just listen to music and chat. This was when "I wanna know what love is" of Foreigner had just been released. This song brings a lot of good memories back when I listen to it. Time, it really flies by when you are not on earth. Man, when she left I was totally beside myself. Just knowing that she agreed to go out with me to the movies made me feel invincible. I could have probably gone to 10 fires and I wouldn't have felt a thing.

Later that evening my roomy, hey I haven't given you his name as yet. His nam was TL, short for Turntable Ladder. Why, you ask ? Well if you know what a TL looks like you will understand. He is quite tall. Around the 6 feet 8 inches. Well, to get back to my story. He said to me that she is going to be my wife one day. Being not to optimistic, I said well lets see what will happen.

When I got home the following morning I told my mother that she will be meeting her future daughter-in-law soon. She said that I won't get married. You like to party and to do things without planning anything. When you have a girlfriend you can't expect her to do things the way that you are used to. Consideration, is going to play a big part in your life now. Not that she was saying that I was inconsiderate. Spontaneous, that is the word I was looking for. I would get home with my motorbike, walk upto the front door. Turn aorund and then go to my nephews house. Now, when you have a girlfriend, planning is of the essence. She must get dressed and do her hair and whatever else she needs to do. Then only can she be ready for whatever you want her to do.

Wow!!!! Things are going to be hectic with me having a girlfriend. Well I have survived it and after 17 years of marriage we are still going strong. Hiccups, yes, damn. All marriages have them. If anyone can show me a couple that has never had a quarrel, then I will admire them for it. I believe, and that is my believe. Quarrels now and then gets rid of the cobwebs between one another. Then the air is clear and the communication is so much better.

Sorry about that but I get sidetracked so easily. We saw one another almost everyday, phoned and had a short chat and then went out for walks quite often. I just loved being with her, still do now.
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A Naughty Fireman Stunt
GET THAT MAN DOWN FROM THERE !!!!! Well let me tell you a Fireman story.

It was time for the monthly stress tests on all our equipment. First we tested the ladders, ropes and the Hydraulic Platform. Then we had to test the Turntable Ladder. Well to do this test properly 4 firemen had to hang on a rope that was attached to the end of the ladder on both sides.

Koos my Leading Fireman dared me to hang on the end of the rope whilst he hoists me up to the roof. He knew if he dared me that I would be mad enough to do this. Well, halfway up we heard a loud scream from the first floor. There was the Deputy Chief standing, red in the face and it looked like he was going to explode.

Koos lowered me down to the ground and then the Deputy Chief was there next to me. He was truly not happy. One of his Fireman hanging from a rope 2 floors up in the air. What if my hands slipped and I had fallen to the ground ? I suppose safety always comes first, Sir was my reply.

He instructed me to carry the Leading Fireman up and down the stairs twice as punishment for my stupidity. Boy, was I tired after all that exercise. Koos was quite big, fat is more appropriate here. Well I never tried something like that again.

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